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The holding company for URB ICT and URB Cellular

Started as URB (Upington Rekenaar Buro) in November 1980. The company at a later stage went from developing computer systems and software in the mainframe area growing into two parts:

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Netex, the holding company of URB ICT and URB Cellular, bringing IT, Telecommunication and Network systems right to the doorstep of customers all over South Africa.

Combining world class expertise and professional customer experience with a human touch. In the technical industry since 1980, taking what we have learned and adding true value to our customer's experience and journey.


In 1980 URB (Upington Rekenaar Buro) was established with the PC and servers at the forehand of the technical industry. In 1995 URB evolved into URB Klank en Beeld which specialised in personal computers and technical advancements, like sound and vision. In 1997 URB Cellular joined the team to provide the Northern Cape with wireless cellular access. Later the Western Cape followed. 1999 brought BVI ICT into existence which specialised in the integration of network systems and communication partnering with SIEMENS. 2012 it was decided to merge BVI ICT and URB Klank and Beeld, forming URB ICT.

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(054) 337 6555
Netex Building
7 Murray Avenue
Upington CBD